WhatsApp Hacking Methods And How To Prevent It

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WhatsApp Hacking Methods And How To Prevent It

Ethical Hacking Whatsapp methods And Prevention

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Whatsapp hacking methods and prevention;

Before we get into the methods for hacking a WhatsApp account, let’s see whether hacking a WhatsApp account is even feasible!

WhatsApp accounts are protected by one of the most advanced encryption technologies available today. It uses 256-bit encryption to protect messages, which means that if you have a device that has an older version of the app installed and you try to open it on an iOS device with the latest version of iOS, then there is no way you can open your account.

This is because your device will not be able to decrypt the message due to its weak security settings.

So if WhatsApp accounts are so secure, then how do hackers manage to get into them? The answer lies in what we call “social engineering” or “hacking by numbers.” Social engineering involves tricking someone into doing something they wouldn’t normally do, such as clicking on links or downloading apps that contain viruses.

In this article, we will go over ways that hackers can use social engineering tactics to gain access to your WhatsApp account and what you can do about it!


Whatsapp Hacking Methods And Prevention
Whatsapp Hacking Methods And Prevention

Hacking Techniques for WhatsApp Accounts

Let’s delve into this list one after another

Ethical Hacking Whatsapp methods And Prevention
Ethical Hacking Whatsapp methods And Prevention
  1. First, sign up for one of the spying applications and, if applicable, purchase a subscription plan.
    2. On the target device, download the spy application.
    3. Install the app, set up the basic permissions, and choose which activities you want to monitor.
    4. Now, go to the spying tool account’s dashboard and click start monitoring to keep an eye on the system.
  • For Android users: Go to Settings > About Phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC Address
  • For iPhone users: Go to Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address
  • For Windows users: Go to Settings > About > More info
  1. Get the mac address and then spoof it using a spoofing program like Terminal Emulator for Android or MacDaddyX for iPhones.
    2. Download WhatsApp and enter the target device’s phone number.
    3. Now, using social engineering techniques, obtain the victim’s confirmation code and restore the mac number on your computer.

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4 thoughts on “WhatsApp Hacking Methods And How To Prevent It”

  1. Hack WhatsApp using mac address; This can be done by tracking the victim’s MAC address via their phone number. The only requirement is that the hacker needs to know the victim’s phone number, and so long as they have physical access to their smartphone, it is fairly easy for them to track them down.
    The first step of such an attack involves turning on airplane mode on your iPhone or Android device. This will allow you to freely change your MAC address without being tracked by any internet connection or cellular network. All you need is your wireless router as a hotspot and then connect your smartphone onto this Wi-Fi network with airplane mode still turned on.

  2. Social engineering is a psychological manipulation that aims to convince someone to give up confidential information or perform actions that could lead to compromise of systems or data. This method can be used to compromise the security of data by gaining access to the accounts of employees and customers through impersonation, trickery, or fraud. This is definitely a way to hack whatsapp as people still disclose personal information to strangers online

  3. WhatsApp Web. This is the easiest way to hack WhatsApp on any device, whether it’s your own phone or someone else’s. The process is simple: just open your browser on one of the devices listed above, go to, and log in with your phone number (not the app). Follow the prompt and you’ll have access. I have done this many times like so many others.

  4. I’ll add this…Never download apps from browser always download from play store/app store. Because apps in play store are verified they can’t cheat us and take our data. Also, never allow permissions which are not needed to apps . They might record activity of your phone and may also read your messages sent or received.

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